2022 HuMetricsHSS Community Fellows

We're pleased to announce the 2022 HuMetricsHSS Community Fellows (view the call for proposals). HuMetricsHSS Community Fellows are individuals who are engaged in transforming academic culture at their own institutions, whether by rethinking what forms of scholarship “count,” considering how indicators and metrics might be informed by values, or engaging their communities in values-inflected ways. Each project has received $4,500 in funding.

Sophia Acord & Trysh Travis
University of Florida

Rachel Borchardt
American University

Rachel Borchardt

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Cristian Capotescu
Columbia University

Mark Cooper & Michael Rios
University of California, Davis

Brooke Covington
Christopher Newport University

Sonja Fritzsche & Dustin De Felice
Michigan State University

Santiago Andres Garcia
Rio Hondo College

Naomi Greyser
University of Iowa

Parfait Kouacou
Drexel University

John Martin & Erin O'Toole
University of North Texas

Shawn Martin
Dartmouth College

Trevor Parry-Giles
University of Maryland

Laura Sanders
Portland Community College

Laura Sanders
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Patrick Thomas
University of Dayton

Kiril Tomoff
University of California, Riverside

Lindsay Yotsukura
University of Maryland, College Park