Members of the HuMetricsHSS team — Nicky Agate, Rebecca Kennison, Stacy Konkiel (who stepped off the team at the end of 2018), Chris Long, Jason Rhody, and Simone Sacchi — have given formal presentations in the form of conference talks and webinars or have been invited to represent the project in workshops and roundtables.

Chris Long2017 

  • JUNE: Agate, American Library Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL 
  • JULY: Agate, Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Antwerp, Belgium
  • JULY: Sacchi, LIBER Annual Conference, Patras, Greece 
  • SEPTEMBER: Kennison, 4 A.M. Altmetrics Conference, Toronto, Canada 
  • OCTOBER: Agate & Sacchi, FORCE2017, Berlin, Germany
  • OCTOBER: Konkiel, Transforming Research, Baltimore, MD 
  • NOVEMBER: Konkiel, HASTAC, Orlando, FL


  • FEBRUARY: Agate, Association of Research Libraries Executive Seminar, Denver, CO
  • FEBRUARY: Long, Public Philosophy Network, Boulder, CO 
  • APRIL: Long, Academy for Teaching and Learning, Baylor University, Waco, TX 
  • JUNE: Long, Radical Open Access II - Ethics of Care (via Skype), Coventry University, UK 
  • AUGUST: Agate, Force Scholarly Communication Institute, San Diego, CA 
  • SEPTEMBER: Long, Association of General and Liberal Studies, Pittsburgh, PA 
  • OCTOBER: Rhody, Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) beyond Europe, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
  • OCTOBER: Agate, Transforming Research, Providence, RI
  • OCTOBER: Agate, Digital Library Federation Forum, Las Vegas, NV 


  • FEBRUARY: Agate, Is This Still Working? Incentives to Publish, Metrics, & New Rewards Systems, NISO Virtual Conference and Roundtable
  • MAY: Kennison, Association for Psychological Science Convention, Washington, DC
  • MAY: Agate, Digital Humanities Research Institute, Binghamton, NY
  • AUGUST: Agate, Open Knowledge Practice in Universities, Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative workshop, Mauritius
  • SEPTEMBER: Sacchi, The value of values in the transition to Open Science: a HumetricsHSS workshop-in-a-poster, Open Science Fair, Portugal
  • OCTOBER: Agate and Long, Driving Institutional Change for Research Assessment Reform, Chevy Chase, MD