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HuMetricsHSS is an initiative that creates and supports values-enacted frameworks for understanding and evaluating all aspects of the scholarly life well-lived and for promoting the nurturing of these values in scholarly practice. Comprised of individuals working in academic and nonprofit academic–adjacent sectors, the HuMetricsHSS team is committed to establishing humane indicators of excellence in academia, focused particularly on the humanities and social sciences (HSS).

You can find more about what we do under Our Work and an example framework and explanation of our values process in Values. History gives an overview of our initiative from its birth at the TriangleSCI workshop in 2016 through to the present. If you are interested in running your own values framework workshop, see our Workshop Kit.

The HuMetricsHSS Initiative is generously supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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After a couple weeks of wandering thru the wilderness abt this big programmatic grant proposal, finally returned to a method that has worked for me from @HuMetricsHSS & created an idea board of key values for the existing program - in an effort to focus how to position a proposal

The COVID crisis has taught us the importance of strong communities, mutual support, shared values and human-centred strategies. We should ensure we use those lessons to re-focus our institutions on what truly matters to create a brighter future.

Just in case your December was filled with things to do other than read articles, a reminder that we on team @HuMetricsHSS published an (open-access) article and we'd love to hear your take:

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