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Apologies for the false dichotomy I’ve set up by my framing of this post in its title as “impact versus influence.” It’s a result of the quickblogging process, one that Christopher Long, Rebecca Kennison, Nicky Agate, Simone Sacchi, Jason Rhody, and I agreed upon as a means of digesting and […]

Influence vs. Impact: Which Are Humanists Really Trying to Achieve?

Corrosive hazard explanatory safety sign
As part of the TriangleSCI HuMetrics working group, I spent the better part of this afternoon brainstorming and debating academic values, products, processes, and metrics in an attempt to lay a foundation for this week’s attempt at articulating “humane metrics” for the humanities. As our discussion wound down, it occurred […]

Enriching vs. Corrosive Values in Academia